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New 'Noyo French Travel' iPad App: The Ideal Family Travel Companion

Boston, United States (IBwire.com - January 06, 2013)

Noyo, a Boston-based educational software startup, has added a new app to its trendy stable: one specifically oriented to families traveling abroad to French-speaking countries. Available for the iPad, Noyo French Travel allows kids and adults alike to prepare for their trip right on their tablet device.

"We carefully sorted through our French content and re-edited it to create an app that will help users get the most out of their vacations to French-speaking countries," says Micaya Clymer, Product Manager at Noyo. "We hope that our app will help kids--and their parents!--have fun while preparing for their trip abroad."

Noyo language learning apps combine colorful images, engaging audio, and built-in assessment questions in an interactive environment that encourages language learners to interact with scenes, organized into thematic units, to find new vocabulary items. Some scenes are familiar everyday events, while others are silly, lush, interesting, or just plain funny.

Following the success of their Beginners' French app, Noyo created Noyo French Travel, a carefully edited, more compact app targeted at traveling families who want to brush up on some basic French vocabulary. Noyo French Travel contains units on preparing for a vacation, transportation, common city sights, food, ordering at a restaurant, and fun outdoor activities.

"No need to fumble with a dictionary at every turn. Noyo's intuitive interactive app will prepare you for your trip, making on-the-spot vocabulary recall a cinch," adds Mike Sullivan, Chief Learning Officer at Noyo.

Whether you're headed to Montreal or Marseille, Quebec or Cannes, Noyo French Travel is a brilliant family companion that will not only help ease the transition to traveling abroad, but also make French vocabulary building remarkably fun and simple for the entire family.

Noyo French Travel is now available for download on the iTunes App Store at an introductory price of $1.99.

Noyo is headquartered in Boston, MA. It is dedicated to providing engaging, cost effective, high-value supplemental learning tools for tablets to language learners of all ages. More information can be found at http://www.noyo.com.

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Ted Chan
Boston, MA

Phone: 781-856-8658
Website: www.noyo.com/
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