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Sheridan Professional Announces Fort Lauderdale Office Space Available for New Businesses

United States (IBwire.com - January 05, 2013)

Sheridan Professional announces Fort Lauderdale office space at the Sheridan Street Professional Plaza has openings available for 2013, representing an opportunity for start-up businesses ready to lease office space for a new location. The property, located near Memorial Hospital Pembroke in Hollywood, offers Class B office space with amenities and modern facilities ideal for medical businesses of all types.

The Sheridan Street Professional Plaza features two separate 3-story buildings with Class B suburban office space with nearly 120,000 square feet of total space. The plaza sits on over seven acres of land less than a mile from the accredited Memorial Hospital Pembroke. This plaza from Sheridan Professional is the only office space available in the area, giving medical businesses an opportunity to get a foot hold in a desirable area.

A company representative for Sheridan Professional explains that the new spaces available for the new year are a great opportunity for new medical businesses ready to establish a physical location, as well as businesses ready to move to a more ideal setting. The company emphasizes a number of leasing opportunities available for start-up medical businesses searching for high qualify Fort Lauderdale office space.

The population of Fort Lauderdale is exploding while the growth of business in the area makes it difficult for small businesses to locate affordable, prime office space in thh city. The Sheridan Street Professional Plaza can be a great opportunity for businesses moving into 2013, although it's important to act quickly as the company points out that prime spaces are rented out fast.

Business owners considering a new Fort Lauderdale location or office space for a start-up business can learn more about the plaza and lease opportunities by visiting http://www.sheridanprofessional.com.

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