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The Portsmouth Planter, one of The Garden Gates Favorite Garden Pots, Has Been Featured in a Lookbook from Elle Decor Online

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Elle Decor, the well-known design magazine with an informative and beautiful website, recommends the Portsmouth Planter from Campania International in the “Planters with Panache” lookbook. It’s easy to see why the Elle Decor staff lists this circular, attractive planter thanks to its looks and functionality. In a group of expertly chosen outdoor planters, the Portsmouth Planter stands out with sleek but simple features that are appropriate both indoors and outside the home or even an office space.

The Portsmouth Planter is manufactured by Campania International and sold through TheGardenGates.com. Campania International is known for its expertly designed accents and furniture for gardens, patios and everything outdoors. From garden fountains and benches to outdoor flower pots and statues, they truly are the leaders in outdoor decor for the home.

For more information and ordering, please visit http://www.thegardengates.com or call 1-877-780-6699.

About The Garden Gates: 

The Garden Gates was founded by Jacqueline Elizabeth Kendall-Harris and Chad Harris in 1999. Jacqueline plays an instrumental role in product development, interior design and in developing core principles of The Garden Gates lifestyle. Chad plays an instrumental role in the creativity of the brand, marketing and technology of the business.

Source: http://www.elledecor.com/shopping/planters-with-panache#slide-6


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Alyse Mouledoux
The Garden Gates

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