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Coded in USA: Conservative site Ritely.com Learns American Coders beat Offshore Hands Down

san francisco, United States (IBwire.com - January 07, 2013) Americans have long associated "Made in USA" with a quality and reliable product, albeit typically with a modestly higher price tag. However, just as Americans have been willing to pay more for products labeled "fair-trade" or "organic", "Made in USA" can command a premium since consumers know their dollars are being used to support American workers and businesses. But how about when it comes to technology? Can Coded in USA beat offshore competition?

Ritely.com is a leading online community for American conservatives. The site was initially launched in October 2012, coded by a San Francisco based development company. Those developers were not available for future maintenance, so Ritely had to find a new development company to handle new feature releases. New features such as algorithmic scoring and login via Gmail/Facebook were planned for release. 

Finding a new developer or development company is always a tedious task. Everybody will claim to be able to deliver the work you need, while only a small fraction can actually deliver professional and satisfactory work. We started off by testing a developer in India who came well-reviewed, and who said he would be able to take care of our desired features.

On price, the Indian developer charged $15/hr. This seemed reasonable enough, and especially with the recently weak rupee, we were hoping to find a solid professional. We delivered the specifications to him, and the results were definitely mixed. On the positive side, he was inexpensive, and he was readily available by email. But on the negative side, the solutions he used to solve our problems were more like hacks than proper solutions. For instance, when images from a specific website were not loading properly, rather than finding the root problem, he simply disabled access to that website. Also, for every 2 issues he would fix, it would seem like 1 new issue would arise. I don't know if this was done with malicious intent or if it was sloppy coding, but in the end, he charged so many hours that it just didn't make sense to keep working with him.

So we hired an American developer, whose rate is $65/hr. From the beginning, his approach was entirely different. He was very professional, and simply speaking, all of the work was done as requested. There was no language barrier, no time differences, and perhaps most importantly, he had the sense for what was required for a professional website. Admittedly his rate is not cheap, but considering all of the headaches he saved us, we are definitely glad to go with him. And since he was able to do all of the work promptly, in the end, I don't think he ended up costing much more than the offshore developer anyway.

Ritely.com believes in traditional American values, which includes supporting American workers and businesses. We have learned that Made in USA is a good value not only for tangible goods, but even IT services are better when they are Made in USA. 

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