January 04, 2013 Friday - updated 07:19 AM PT

MacBook Air Docking Station by LandingZone Launches at CES 2013

Las Vegas, United States (IBwire.com - January 04, 2013)  

LandingZone is excited to kick off the new-year by officially launching its new product line at the ShowStoppers event at the Consumer Electronics Show. LandingZone is the first of its kind one-stop docking station for the MacBook Air that allows the MacBook Air to become a beautiful desktop experience.

“We are so pleased to have answered the dreams of MacBook Air users with our new product,” says Kitae Kwon, creator. “Now everyone can have the desktop experience without compromising the luxury of the MacBook Air.”

LandingZone is the only hardware portal that brings security and safety to the MacBook Air. Retailers and consumers alike can now enjoy the security of their MacBook Air by having a reliable device accessible at their fingertips.

Featured products at ShowStoppers 2013 are the LandingZone PRO and LandingZone LITE. Both are easy to use and add a secure, flexible option to the MacBook Air. MacBook Air users can now lock their valuable device with any standard computer lock. With 6 convenient ports there is no need to plug in cables each time you connect. The peripherals can remain plugged while enjoying the benefits of a complete desktop system.

LandingZone is a natural addition to a MacBook Air sale. Retailers selling the MacBook Air will benefit greatly from customers seeking an elegant and simple docking station for their valuable MacBook Air. LandingZone is lightweight, portable and the ideal security solution for the home and office.

“MacBook Air users are going to love the versatility our product will bring them,” said Kwon.

About LandingZone

LandingZone (http://landingzone.net) is a small Silicon Valley company with big ideas. They develop unique accessories for Apple users. LandingZone is a slim and sleek docking and locking solution developed for the MacBook Air to dock in a simple, yet elegant way. 

To learn more about LandingZone for the MacBook Air please visit the website at http://landingzone.net , like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @landingzonedock

For further information, please contact Harvey Stone at Harvey.s(at)globalavenue(dot)com or at 360.961.0177


Media Contact:

Harvey Stone
Las Vegas, NV

Phone: 360.961.0177
Website: landingzone.net/
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