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Smash5 Animation Studio Releases "Hell Yeah" Web Series Featuring Animated Jesus and Satan

Los Angeles, United States (IBwire.com - January 03, 2013)  

Smash5 Studios, a Los Angeles based animation studio, announces the release of their new animated web series, titled "Hell Yeah!!” The show centers around Satan as he manages Hell and tries to get his old job back in heaven. "Satan is a down and out guy who lost his place at Jesus & Co. and is forced to live with a bunch of a*** in hell." stated writer/director Sam Yousefian. "He’s always trying to get back but things never really work out for him."

"The latest episode includes a visit from the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the outrageous Pastafarian space pirates. For those who are unaware of Church of the Flying Spaghetti monster, let us tell you it’s worth a google search if you want a good laugh!"

Smash5 has released the first 4 episodes of the series on YouTube with additional episodes of “Hell Yeah!!” and the upcoming “Chicken Strips” being released throughout 2013.

Unlike most 2D animated shows on the internet and television, “Hell Yeah!” is animated in a relatively new way. The characters are rigged with bone structures and animated and controlled much like 3D characters. The final result is a 2D character that can be animated by any animation artist, regardless of drawing skills. Smash5 is releasing tutorials and templates for anyone interested to download and learn from.

Hell Yeah also offers interactive experience through personalized response videos that allow viewers to interact with show creators, characters and submit photos and questions for future videos. Smash5's first response video featured Jesus and Satan speaking directly to specific viewers and thanking them for subscribing to the Smash5 Youtube channel.

Individuals looking to learn more about the "Hell Yeah" web series, future programs or animation services should contact Craig Ginsberg at (855) 823-2749.

About Smash5 Studios: Founded in 2007, Smash5 Studios is a Los Angeles based animation studio catering to entertainment and advertising projects. Smash5 is expanding to create original content exclusively for internet distribution and will be releasing multiple projects throughout 2013.


Media Contact:

Craig Ginsberg
Smash5 Studios
Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (855) 823-2749 1
Website: www.smash5.com/
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