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Water cooler firm Angel Springs helps tackle youth unemployment

United Kingdom (IBwire.com - January 03, 2013)  

Water cooler supplier Angel Springs has hired four young talents following a work placement scheme to tackle joblessness amongst young people.

The scheme, organised by Wolverhampton South East MP Pat McFadden, was put together after figures showed his constituency ranked amongst the 20 worst for youth unemployment. Almost one third of unemployed people in the constituency are under 25.

Angel Springs offered eight weeks of work experience to nine candidates between the ages of 18 and 24 – with a potential job offer on completion.

157 work experience placements were taken up throughout the area. The four staff that the water cooler firm hired were amongst 45 who successfully found work through the scheme – a success rate of 29%.

In comparison, the Job Centre’s own local schemes have a success rate of 19%.

Rachel Jones, Angel Springs’ commercial manager, said: “We’ve been pleasantly surprised. The four young people we took on didn’t have masses of experience, but they more than made up for it in dedication and drive.

“Based on their CVs alone, we wouldn’t have taken them on. But this programme gave us the chance to see their hard work in action.

“It just shows that there are many young people out there willing to work hard to succeed. It’s opportunities like this that give them a chance to shine.”

The candidates not taken on were provided with a reference at the end of the placement, as well as an assessment of their skills.

On December 12, the BBC interviewed Rachel Jones, Angel Springs’ commercial manager, as well as Amy Wells, one of the successful candidates, about their involvement in the scheme.

To find out more about Angel Springs and its range of water coolers, visit http://www.angelsprings.com/


Notes to Editors:

Angel Springs (http://www.angelsprings.com) is the longest-running water cooler company in the UK, supplying customers with fresh spring water, water coolers and water boilers for 23 years. The company employs 200 staff and is committed to working and developing successful relationships with local community groups, charities and businesses across the UK.


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John Murphy
Angel Springs

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