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Title: 2012 Conference for Global Network of Korea Marine Equipment

Busan, , South Korea (IBwire.com - January 02, 2013)

- 11 Marine Equipment A/S and Sales Companies from Europe, Brazil and Others Gathered in Korea!!

- Globalization of Korean Small- and Medium-sized Marine Equipment Businesses is Survival!!

This event was held to provide global marketing opportunities to small- and medium-sized marine equipment companies in Korea, to support the establishment of network with qualified overseas A/S companies, and to help open overseas markets.

This conference included the signing ceremony of global network agreement between Mirae Industries, which established network through our center (KOMEC), and the Brazil company Metalock; and also between SHE and the Singapore company Sinco Holdings. In-depth lectures by overseas partners on ‘Shipbuilding Industry Trends of Each Country and Overseas Expansion Plans for Korea Marine Equipment’ added more significance to the conference.

In particular, Department of Shipbuilding which is the Indonesian government branch as well as the authorities of Indonesia Shipbuilding and Offshore Association visited this event, and discussed detailed plans to smoothly supply Indonesian shipbuilding yards with Korean marine equipments.

Chung, head of KOMEC, stated his thoughts on holding the conference that in order for small- and Changsoo medium-sized marine equipment companies to open new markets, it is most important to expand global A/S and sales network establishment in cities worldwide and arrange occasions as such event for continuous networking.

Source: Korea Marine Equipment Global Service Center (KOMEC)

URL: www.komec.kr / www.shipsol.com

2012 Conference for Global Network of Korea Marine Equipment

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