January 02, 2013 Wednesday - updated 08:26 AM PT

BraceAbility.com Partners with Active Innovations to Deliver Splints and Braces

Waterloo, United States (IBwire.com - January 02, 2013)  

BraceAbility now offers finger braces, dorsal night splints, ankle and knee braces, wrist supports and more from Active Innovations & Active Ankle, a company that has gained users’ trust via proven products that get users on the mend quickly and comfortably.

Active Innovations is the medical division of Active Ankle Systems Inc. The company’s dedication to “innovative engineering and quality functional products that help athletes perform at their highest level” harkens to the company’s origin.

Active Ankle got its start in a high school athletic training room when a student teacher designed the first semi-rigid hinged ankle support using a McDonald’s food tray and materials available in the training room. Recognizing the value of such products, a local businessman founded Active Ankle Systems in 1989.

The company has since developed into a respected, worldwide leader for the development of quality, high-function foot and ankle braces, among other products. To make sure their products are second-to-none in terms of function and comfort, those at Active Innovations work closely with medical professionals when developing their products for treating pain and injury.

User comments regarding one of BraceAbility’s best-selling products—the Active Innovations Trigger Finger Splint—show that the company’s focus on both healing and user comfort are efforts well spent.

After several cortisone shots and two doctors advising surgery, one customer of the trigger finger solution decided that a price of less than $20, it was worth giving the brace a chance, with the following results: “In a matter of days I could tell it was making a difference. My pain was reduced and the best part is that this brace allowed full function of my finger! After wearing the brace for a little over a month, the pain is gone and my doctor no longer thinks I need surgery or shots.”

And as indicated by that happy customer, buyers can get Active Innovation’s products at a price well below the typical list price at http://www.BraceAbility.com.

About BraceAbility 

BraceAbility is an e-commerce website focused on providing the latest and most affordable orthopedic braces, supports, and supplies to the general public.


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Shaun Linderbaum
BraceAbility, Inc.
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Phone: 801-503-9751
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