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How the New AR Trader Streamlines the Process of Finding the Right Collection Agency

United States (IBwire.com - January 02, 2013)  

AR Trader of Austin, Texas USA is a unique startup focused on connecting businesses with collection agencies. AR Trader, founded in 2011, allows businesses to list their past due account receivables on a secure exchange so that collection agencies can submit an offer. Businesses then accept the offer that is right for them.

Although the concept for AR Trader is relatively straightforward, there is no blueprint for making the collection agency marketplace work. AR Trader seeks to modernize the process of choosing a collection agency through a market model based on the following driving principles: competition, standardization, and transparency.

The Challenge: 

Some businesses do not consistently work with collection agencies. As a result, many business owners / managers do not have previous experience selecting a collection agency. Businesses may not know which collection agencies specialize in their specific industry / location, and businesses definitely do not have complete visibility into all of the collection agencies that could potentially assist them. In the end, the business may miss out on the best possible offer. Even businesses that consistently work with a specific collection agency may not know what the ideal offer looks like.

The Solution: 

AR Trader’s vision has resulted in an online, real-time, competitive collection agency marketplace for past due account receivables. Through this approach, businesses will receive the most competitive offer with the least amount of effort. With AR Trader, there is no risk to posting a past due account receivable. It does not cost the business a dime, and there is no requirement to accept any offer. In addition, your business identity is not exposed until the business accepts an offer. Even then, only the business name and contact information is exposed so that the collection agency can make contact and finalize details over the phone.

AR Trader is officially open to the general public after an extensive beta phase. Please visit AR-Trader.com to sign up.


Media Contact:

Liz Price

Email: info@ar-trader.com
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