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The Jewellery Channel Ushers In Dazzling New Year with January Sale

United States (IBwire.com - January 01, 2013)

The Jewellery Channel(TJC) is set to ring in the New Year with amazing deals on a wealth of outstanding, high-end jewellery to be had on their website as well as through their popular TV shopping network.

Jewellery enthusiasts will be stunned at the glittering steals on offer throughout January 2013: 

One of the outstanding sale items is a truly superb 16.500 carat necklace dripping with African rubies – this has been reduced from £149.99 to just £99.99.

Other unbeatable deals include a luxurious Kanchanaburi blue sapphire bracelet (discounted from £399.99 to £219.99), an elegantly opulent Himalayan kyanite & diamond bangle (reduced from £149.99 to a mere £99.99) and a glamorous pair of 9 carat yellow gold diamond cluster earrings (reduced from £169.99 to only £129.99).

Furthermore, the January sale will give jewellery fans on a tight budget a beautiful range of options to choose from that have been discounted even further to practically count as a give-away, such as gleaming, delicately crafted Bali Collection drip earrings (reduced from £7.99 to just £3.99) and Shambala friendship bracelets (reduced from £9.99 to £2.99).

TJC offer an unsurpassed range of more than 15,000 varieties of luxury items and they also carry the world’s widest selection of gemstone based jewellery. In addition, they have grown a leading reputation for doing everything possible to undercut normal retail prices so that high-end jewellery is made surprisingly affordable.

They are able to offer outstanding value-for-money compared to High Street prices as part of a conglomerate that manufactures and handcrafts many items themselves, thus removing ‘the Middleman’. The Jewellery Channel’s extensive ranges cover their own exclusive brands, such as Iliana, J. Francis, Karis and Rhapsody, plus designer collections from the likes of Rachel Galley, Lucy Q and Swarovski Elements.

While shoppers can conveniently browse TJC’s website using tick-box search criteria covering gem weight (in carats), metal (gold, platinum or sterling silver), price range, item and brand, customers can also get their hands on tantalising January Sale offers via their popular TV network which broadcasts to over 30 million homes in the UK and Republic of Ireland alone.

TJC’s TV channel can be accessed 24/7 via their website, or on the following channels: 

    Freeview 31 from 6am – Midday

    Freeview 60 from 6am – Midnight

    Sky 650 from 6am – 2am (following day)

    Freesat 815 from 6am – 2am (following day)

    Virgin 153 from 6am – Midday.

CEO of The Jewellery Channel, Sri Burugapalli, commented on their January Sale offering: “After all the festivities over Christmas, the January Blues tend to set in. We wanted to kick start 2013 and usher in extra cheer by giving our customers some truly amazing deals to lift their spirits. This sale is also our way of wishing everyone a brilliant New Year.”

Media Contact:

Mike Wall
The Jewellery Channel

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