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Checks for Business Can be Customized, Designed and Proofed Online for Better Corporate Image

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PrintE-Z has come up with an entirely new range of checks for business that can be printed through accounting software or check printing software at affordable cost. Keeping in mind that payroll and bill payment is serious business, PrintE-Z has prioritized business check order processing.

As CEO Morris Rose said while inaugurating the company’s new range of business checks and office supplies, “At PrintE-Z, each employee understands and appreciates the fact that businesses need to portray an image that depicts its values and particular style. With this in mind, a new range of pre-printed business checks that includes 3-To-A Page Checks and One-Write Checks has been introduced. The company also recognizes that despite high level of monitoring, there are times when managers find that supplies for check stock is in short supply when payday is just round the corner. At PrintE-Z the orders that are placed for business checks or computer checks are on the way within 24 hours of the request being submitted.”

Writing checks manually is passé. It is also a time consuming and tiring job particularly for businesses having a large number of people on the payroll – writing that many checks every week can be pretty frustrating at times especially when there is something urgent awaiting attention. In-house check printing not only saves time but also ensures error-free recordkeeping.

Businesses often find that checks supplied by banks do not come up to the mark particularly when it comes to printing checks through accounting software. Regardless of whether a customer wants to print checks directly from the accounting software or import data from the accounting software to check writing software, a customer can order business checks online at PrintE-Z.com no matter whether QuickBooks, Peachtree or MS Money is used.

Businesses can customize and choose from a range of colors and also get the logo and a short one-line message printed on the face of the check at no extra cost. For speeding up order processing, all customization including designing and proofing is done online. To further facilitate matters, there is always someone online to offer live help to customers visiting the website. Moreover, the website stores customer information for faster processing of repeat orders.

However, much as many would like to, many businesses are wary of printing checks on the laser printers due to the cost of pre-printed checks. Businesses can save money on business checks by placing a business check order for blank computer checks. Regardless of whether it is pre-printed or blank checks for accounting and business, PrintE-Z uses only superior quality paper that withstands the pressures of laser printers and will not tear in the check printer.

PrintE-Z offers one-stop business printing solutions that has the most comprehensive selection of business checks and office accessories including check binders, envelopes, deposit slips, business forms, cash deposit bags, and much more.

The range of business checks available at PrintE-Z includes computer checks, 3-to-a-page checks, one-write checks and compatible accounting software including QuickBooks and Peachtree. One Write Checks saves time and allow a company to get more work done within the available time.

A customer can order any of the different kinds of checks like business checks, computer checks or any other related product at anytime. The website has been totally refurbished with easy controls and quick links that allow visitors to access information on products, customer offers place orders directly. In line with its policy of providing affordable business printing solutions, the company offers attractive discounts to new customers and on package deals that include starter kits for the uninitiated.

Considering the rate at which the company is introducing new products and the speed at which orders are processed, it is expected that PrintE-Z.com will soon achieve its declared goal of becoming the top online source for business printing.

To get more information about the great deals and discounts that PrintE-Z.com offers on business and computer checks look up PrintE-Z.com or call the company at 1-888-246-0635. Get the latest news from the blog PrintE-Z.com/blog.html or follow the company at Twitter at PrintEZPrint, like PrintE-Z at FaceBook at facebook.com/PrintEZ, share the link with Google Plus at https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/101103659482511034512/101103659482511034512/posts, http://www.printe-z.com/business-checks.html and get regular updates of new offers and deals here.

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