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Independent Scentsy Consultant Kara Egan Supports Community with Scentsy Buddy Fundraiser | Promo Code: “Scentsy Wax” | St. Marks Hospital

United States ( - December 30, 2012)

Local Scentsy Independent Consultant Kara Egan is hoping to share a bit of Christmas cheer with children that will be in the hospital during the holidays. Egan, a Superstar Director for Scentsy, hopes to raise at least $125 to purchase Scentsy Buddies for children being treated in the St. Mark’s Hospital Pediatric Unit. Egan will donate her commissions from sales of Scentsy Fragrance products, up to $125, to purchase the cuddly companions that come with a zippered pouch that holds a fragrant Scent Pak. Egan’s fundraiser runs December 14, 2012 through December 30, 2012.

“This time of year we find ourselves looking for ways to help bring joy to children who are in difficult circumstances,” said Egan. Her goal is to donate a minimum of 10 Scentsy Buddies to St. Mark’s Hospital Pediatric Unit.

To support the fundraiser and shop for Scentsy Fragrance products, visit Egan’s website at

For more information on how to buy, host, or join Scentsy, or to learn how you can hold a Scentsy fundraiser for your organization, call Egan at 801-556-9790 or email her at kegan(at)scentsy(dot)com.

Kara Egan, Scentsy Independent Consultant 

Phone: 801-556-9790 

Email: kegan(at)scentsy(dot)com 


Media Contact:

Kara Egan
Scentsy Independent Consultant

Phone: 801-556-9790
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