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5M American Households May Need to Read “Energy Tips for the Boomerang Household” by

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As the US economy worsens, so does the money situation of young adults who are finding it difficult to meet rent and utility bills, less buy a mortgage or pay up their student loans. The option is to go back to the bird’s nest.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 4.1% of American households today have a boomerang child, a young adult who goes back to living with their parents because of financial setbacks. And the statistics is climbing to a steady growth. Behind this big issue is the little but nagging household budget dilemma that boomerang parents must confront, particularly the expected surge in energy bills now that Junior adds up to the monthly electrical consumption. Interestingly, it is noted that although today’s generation are highly aware of the environmental impact of energy consumption, their activities are likely to be part of the problem.

The article by lists simple but effective ways to cut or manage the bill, tips that are helpful not only to boomerang households but to parents with young adult children living with them.

From choosing the right appliances to lighting alternatives and proper cooking to home temperature, the tips are easy to remember in one reading. The use of daylight and LED bulbs is one proven step to reduce energy costs over time. Not only are LEDS brighter and eco-friendlier, they can save a lot of money year in and out. A cost-benefit computation is provided.

Similarly, households are reminded to replace any ten-year old appliances with energy-efficient models. New appliances have intelligent features that consume energy at just the right amount.

A more complicated process, insulating the house is also suggested to keep cold air inside during summer and out during winter. This means less use of power. Simple insulation steps are given. For air-conditioning, a simple turn of the knob from “on” to “auto” can mean savings. Each degree is said to generate 9% savings.

Cooking, being a major part of a household’s energy consumption, is also a prime target for energy cuts. Do you know that pressure cookers use less energy than regular pots and pans? More simple cost-saving cooking tips are provided. As a long-term strategy, planting trees is likewise recommended. It may take years to see the results, so it is best to start now. Curiously, trees add value to the property.

The tips are useful across household demographics, but families with boomerang kids are targeted because they reflect our trying times. Read more tips on Energy Tips for the Boomerang Household.

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