December 28, 2012 Friday - updated 08:03 AM PT

Delray Recovery Center Relates to Repercussions of Mental Illness at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Delray Beach, United States ( - December 28, 2012)  

In the wake of terrifying and senseless acts at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, there has been a lot of talk about the pros and cons of gun control. Precious little, however, has been said about the thousands of American young people who struggle daily with devastating metal health issues. Although authorities continue to uncover significant details about the perpetrator of these unimaginably heinous acts, according to the New York Times, Adam Lanza’s history of significant physiological problems has been well documented.

According to major news outlets like Fox News have recently confirmed that law enforcement officials are looking into reports that Lanza may have been distraught about speculative family plans to have him enrolled in a special school or center.

One doesn’t have to be a mental health professional to understand just how devastating emotional and psychological disorders can be to individuals, families and communities alike. Police do not yet know if Adam Lanza suffered from significant issues related to alcoholism or drug addiction, but "many of the mental problems that routinely turn individuals to lives of chemical dependency were certainly evident in the young man" says Joe Petri, a spokesman for Delray Recovery Center.

In addition to providing a comprehensive roster of addiction treatment services, most quality rehabilitation programs with also care for patients living with co-occurring disorders (CODs) such as anxiety, depression or bi-polar disorder.

"Such services are typically much more effective when the addict enters into them as a willing participant. However, the trepidation that Lanza may have felt about entering into a comprehensive, full-service treatment program is far from uncommon. When others seek treatment on their behalf, addicts often feel pushed into an uncomfortable situation, and their immediate reaction is to push back. As a result of this resistance, they not only tend to do damage to themselves but to the very loved ones who are struggling to make their lives whole" claims Mr. Petri of Delray Recovery Center.

This situation can be alleviated, however, by taking a careful and personalized approach to finding and implementing quality care. By employing a methodology that is both customized and unique, holistic treatment facilities such as the Delray Recovery Center are able to design rehabilitation plans that fit the particular medical needs of each patient.


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Delray Recovery Center
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