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While January is usually regarded as the prime month for “white sales” most shops and stores usually begin to discount goods such as sheet sets and bedding sets immediately after Christmas. While the world takes a break from shopping on the 25th it is business as usual on Boxing Day and this year there will be plenty of bargains around. The Country Cottage Store website has created a brief guide to anyone shopping for sheets this year. 

While thread count is a good indication of the quality of any particular set of sheets it is not the only thing that should be taken into consideration. Equally important are the type of fibre and weave that is used to make them. Sheets with a 400 to 600 thread count made from cotton fabric such as Egyptian or Pima offer both affordability and a little luxury. 

When you are at the sales it is worth investing in a number of sheets and pillowcases at the same time. Many styles of sheets and bedding are discontinued after one or two seasons which can lead to the problem of mis-matched sheets in the bedroom. 

Measuring the size of your mattress before you go shopping is always recommended. Not all beds and mattresses are made to a standard size and if you have a California King or Queen you will need sheets to match. 

While the world of bedding sheets is not noted for too many innovations Sheex sheets may change that. They are marketed as the world’s first performance enhancing bed sheet and are made using athletic fabrics designed to have better breathability than cotton and regulate temperature more effectively. 

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