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Hot 2013 Video Chat and Streaming Trends: Virtual Workspace, TV Everywhere and Smart Video Ads

New York, United States ( - December 23, 2012) Higher bandwidth capacity, 4G technology and overall growth of the digital space have preconditioned the rise of video chat services and IP video solutions, and their imminent ubiquitous use in a variety of contexts from enterprise collaboration environment to campus TV and virtual classrooms, to healthcare-over-the-Internet.

Video on the Internet is thriving, according to the 2011 Cisco Visual Networking Index. Video will account for 62% of all Internet traffic by 2015 – a big jump over the current 42%. Mobile video takes the lion’s share, but Internet video-to-TV use is increasing too: screen delivery is a powerful industry trend already. (“Video Chat and Streaming Solutions Have Much to Offer” whitepaper by Oxagile outlines other industry trends and features a detailed comparison of chat and streaming solutions on the market) 

Virtual Workspace

Video within enterprises is poised to grow not only as part of gamification strategy or activities of corporate PR departments, these days the virtual workspace is an intrinsic practice for many companies. As the U.S. Census Bureau reports, about 6 mln Americans telecommute. In this situation web conferencing and chat solutions become must-have business development strategy tools for many companies out there.

TV Everywhere

We’ve witnessed that audience’s demands to video service availability, their quality and, in general, to video experience have risen drastically over the recent years. High quality video to any device at any time is #1 success factor for content providers and broadcasters. Today users opt for at least three-screen streaming and see connected TV and mobile video as paramount quality criteria. Moreover, the shift to long-format video is another trend for content providers to observe.

Smart Video Ads

Powerful analytics and audience measurement tools that come as an integral part of digital asset management systems today empower advertisers to segment their video ads for more targeted and quality ad placements that will allow them to raise the bottom line significantly. Smart video ads are another trend to follow the coming year, which seems to be sheer delight both for advertisers and audience.

With video to be a mainstay service in the digital community and a myriad of chat and streaming solutions on the market, many vendors can face the question “Which of out-of-box solutions is the right fit for our project?”

How Do Off-The-Shelf Video Solutions Stack Up Against Each Other?

The technology giants have occupied their niche in this domain with Apple offering its FaceTime chat, Google boasting a convenient social networking communication tool – Google Chat that powers its Google+ Hangouts, Microsoft overtaking Skype, and Adobe providing streaming solutions. Still there is a wealth of other ready-made video products on the market that can be customized and integrated into an online platform to fit the needs of a particular business. Oxagile provides a detailed overview of how such video solutions as Google Chat, Red5, ooVoo, TokBox, Adobe Flash Chat and Adobe Media Streaming Server as well as Vidyo and Wowza stack up against each other in its recent whitepaper.


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