December 22, 2012 Saturday - updated 08:10 AM PT

Look Great for Holiday Parties with Body Medical Contouring’s Non-Surgical Liposuction

John's Creek, United States ( - December 22, 2012)

Though the downfall of Hostess might give figures a little boost in the fight against holiday pounds, Body Medical Contouring is the real solution that will have those holiday party dresses slipping on with ease! Body Medical Contouring is more than a luxurious medical spa. It is a state-of-the-art facility where dream bodies are healthily achieved without the expense or trauma of traditional liposuction.

At Body Medical Contouring, many non-surgical options are available that will have clients looking merry and bright in a flash. 

    Exilis - This comfortable, high-end laser treatment uses a combination of radio frequency waves and heat therapy to melt away fat, tighten skin and stimulate collagen production.

    CDT Evolution - Tiny injections of medical grade carbon dioxide gas are injected under the skin to increase oxygen flow and kill fat cells. This firms the skin, fills in wrinkles, and eliminates the appearance of cellulite.

    Mesotherapy - In this minimally invasive treatment, small injections of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients for body contouring and facial rejuvenation are skillfully administered. The treatment provides skin tightening, fat burning, facial rejuvenation, and a youthful radiance.

Call the experts at Body Medical Contouring, a top-rated award winning Medical Spa and specialist in HCG Johns Creek GA as well as Alpharetta, and Atlanta areas. To find out which service is right for you or learn about other services available, or for a consultation, please visit

About Body Medical Contouring: 

Body Medical Contouring’s Mission is to provide clients with a high-end, minimally-invasive alternative to plastic surgery in a luxury setting. Through years of research and travel, the Founders developed a comprehensive array of services including a documented weight loss protocol and the newest, most effective body contouring equipment. Combined with a highly trained staff, Body Medical Contouring provides the most advanced equipment and services, with the fastest results, the industry has to offer.

Media Contact:

Jonathan Penn
Body Medical Contouring
John's Creek, GA

Phone: 770-232-7755
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