December 21, 2012 Friday - updated 07:49 AM PT

New Study by Conversion Voodoo Finds “Merry Christmas” is Preferred Twice as Often as “Happy Holidays”

San Diego, United States ( - December 21, 2012)

Many Americans might not realize it, but the phrase “Merry Christmas” is becoming more popular, and it completely dwarfs the use of “Happy Holidays” — at least by one measure.

Contrary to what some journalist have recently proclaimed, “Merry Christmas” has not lost the war on Christmas, in fact, it’s being used and accept even more widely than any other holiday greeting.

A new test from Conversion Voodoo, a conversion optimization company in California, shows that nationwide, Americans prefered "Merry Christmas" over "Happy Holidays" twice as often.

The test was made comparing three email subject lines, each identical and only replacing the holiday greeting with either “Merry Christmas”, Happy Holidays”, or both, in a nation-wide newsletter.

The emails that had a subject line of “Happy Holidays” had an open rate of 11.12% and a final click-through rate of 2.90%.

The subject lines that include both holiday greetings were only opened 8.87% of the time and had a click-through rate of 2.81%.

The emails that had a subject line of “Merry Christmas” had the highest open rate at 16.21% and a final click-through rate of 5.47%, nearly a 50% increase over “Happy Holidays.”

The study was taken on a large US retail website from over 100,000 randomly selected customers.

In 2008 Conversion Voodoo ignited the industry with its award-winning conversion optimization processes and techniques. Today, Conversion Voodoo continues to helps companies grow their profits by 15% to 500% using their arsenal of optimization implementations, marketing expertise, and business prowess. Conversion Voodoo is a privately held company and is headquartered in San Diego, CA. For more information on Conversion Voodoo, please call [phone number] or visit

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Jon Correll
Conversion Voo Doo
San Diego, CA

Phone: 858 625 4200
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