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MissionIR Blog - Excellagen Plays Leading Role for Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM)

Atlanta, United States ( - December 21, 2012) A major part Cardium’s product candidate portfolio, and the company’s overall strategy, is Excellagen, an acellular biological modulator for advanced wound care management. Cardium’s strategic goal is to develop a portfolio of medical product candidates at various stages of development and to commercialize these products in a timely and effective manner. Excellagen is well down that path, being FDA-cleared, and the company is already seeking commercialization partners for its marketing and sales.

Excellagen is a pharmaceutically formulated bovine collagen gel used to facilitate the healing of many types of wounds. During manufacture, the collagen is purified using a specialized process that removes impurities (including endotoxins), denatured molecules, and collagen fragments. Excellagen promotes chemotaxis, cellular adhesion, migration, and proliferation to stimulate granulation tissue formation. Applied immediately following debridement and in the presence of blood, Excellagen is designed to activate human platelets, triggering the release of platelet-derived growth factor. The flowable, ready-to-use formulation is ideal for use in wounds of varying shapes and surface contours, as well as tunneled/undermined wounds where sheet-based products are not adequate.

Key benefits of Excellagen:

 • It comes in the form of ready-to-use, pre-filled sterile syringes, minimizing preparation time

 • It is simple and easy, a major preference of physicians, involving no thawing or mixing

 • It is flowable, with no sutures or staples required

 • It is a viscosity-optimized gel that is dripless, providing complete wound coverage

 • Only a thin layer is required

 • Treatment is needed at only one or two week intervals

Excellagen is already FDA-cleared for the treatment of neuropathic and diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, surgical wounds, and other dermal wounds. It is intended for professional use following standard debridement procedures (the removal of dead tissue and foreign mater) in the presence of blood cells and platelets, which are involved with the release of growth factors.

Case studies have shown a rapid onset of the growth of important granulation tissue in a wide array of wounds treated with Excellagen.

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