December 19, 2012 Wednesday - updated 07:06 AM PT

Computerized Fabrication Equipment at Husk Signs (HCI) Allows Channel Letters to be Crafted More Efficiently Than Ever Before

Evansville, United States ( - December 19, 2012)

Market-leading fabrication machinery is allowing an Indiana-based sign company to produce channel-set letters more efficiently than using traditional manufacturing methods.

HCI Channel Letters of Evansville, Ind., manufactures high-quality outdoor signage for businesses of all sizes though the United States. The company uses Letterlok and Accu-Bend computerized cutting machines to create neon and LED channel-set letters used in outdoor signs.

Without the advanced capabilities these machines offer, each letter of the sign would be made by hand. The computerized cutting machines and routers HCI uses automates the production of channel-set letters, which saves time and labor costs for the completed channel letter signs.

“Our machinery allows us to mechanize the letter production process. Doing so cuts down on the amount of manual labor that’s traditionally been required to create channel-set letters. We pass those savings on to our customers,” said Kip Husk, HCI Channel Letters’ founder and owner.

The machinery cycles quickly and can make channel-set letters for a sign simultaneously. It also handles letters from 2-to-10-inches deep.

Husk said an attractive outdoor storefront sign is the most effective marketing tool a small business can employ to attract customers.

“Thanks to the advanced technology we have on site, our experienced technicians can to create an extremely high-quality product that small-business owners can use to generate foot traffic and build brand awareness,” Husk said. “An attractive sign is the most important investment to make when considering your marketing budget.”

About HCI

HCI is a subsidiary of Husk Signs, a company with nearly 30 years’ experience manufacturing top-quality signs for clients around the world. HCI has designed and created signage for a wide range of businesses large and small. By investing a significant time and effort into packaging and crating, HCI is able to guarantee its signs even after they have been delivered. For more information, please visit

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Kip Husk
HCI - Husk Signs
Evansville, Indiana

Phone: 812-473-2000
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