December 19, 2012 Wednesday - updated 07:01 AM PT

Christina Wu Retailer Aids In New Jersey Hurricane Relief

Fort Myers, United States ( - December 19, 2012)

House of Wu announced that its New Jersey-based authorized retailer of Christina Wu, Dere Kiang, Jacquelin Exclusive, and Cara Mia bridal gowns made special efforts to aid in the relief after Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of the Caribbean and Mid-Atlantic and the Northeastern United States during late October 2012. Early on October 29, Hurricane Sandy curved north-northwest and then moved ashore near Atlantic City, New Jersey, as a post-tropical cyclone with hurricane-force winds. Shortly after, media outlets were calling the storm “Superstorm Sandy.”

“In New Jersey, devastation was unbelievable,” said Gail Comerford, owner and operator of True Love Bridal in Marlboro, New Jersey. Determined to do what she could to help during the devastation, Gail generously offered to give away 1,000 sample wedding gowns. Just 15 minutes from the greatly devastated towns and still without power, Gail called a local radio station to aid in her efforts. Regional, national, local, and European television networks quickly picked up and reported on the heartwarming story.

“The lovely ladies who were victims of the storm were very impressed by our selection of gowns. Many House of Wu gowns were the first to be chosen,” added Gail. Thus far, she has given away nearly 500 bridal gowns. True Love Bridal is an authorized retailer of such breathtaking gowns as Christina Wu Spring 2013 Style 15508 and Dere Kiang classic Style 11112. These and other breathtaking gowns can be browsed at or contact the authorized retailer found under the store locator.

Media Contact:

Angela Smith
Christina Wu
Fort Myers, FL

Phone: 239-277-7099 2122
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