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Study Breaks College Media Explains the New Updates to Pinterest and How a Business Can Utilize Them to Better Reach and Interact with Both Current and Potential Clients

Austin, United States ( - December 19, 2012)

Although Pinterest is traditionally seen as a conglomeration of wedding ideas, DIY ideas, “fashion-spiration” and recipes, there’s much more to it than that, and the social site can also be a great tool for businesses to use—especially now. Pinterest is now officially allowing businesses to use it for commercial use and provides the opportunity to convert an existing account or make a new account for Business for Pinterest. By making a Business account on Pinterest, the business will now be able to tell its story through visuals, build a community, and have traffic specific to the business sent to the account. Pinterest also provides case studies and testimonials from popular businesses like Etsy for its new business accounts so business owners can hear success stories and brainstorm how they could utilize the service.

Secret Boards

The option of secret boards is a new feature that allows a user to create up to three private boards. Secret boards can be viewed exclusively by the creator and the other users they invite to join as contributors. Because all pins are private and cannot be viewed by other users unless they are granted access by the board owner, secret boards can be used by businesses to work on a project that isn't quite ready to be shared with the public. The secret boards are located at the bottom of the board page. Greenhouse Media Group provides three specific examples of how Secret Boards can be used by publishers:

1. As an editorial brainstorming tool – Secret boards are an excellent place to keep photoshoot inspiration, feature ideas, re-design inspiration, food styling concepts, recipes, and cover ideas.

2. As a place readers could be invited to pin—This is a great way for readers to work together with the editorial teams to tell them what they’re interested in (future story ideas, cover lines, etc.) in seeing in a magazine or other publication. One way to do this and ensure that desired content goes up is devising a system in which that pins and shared themes by readers don’t post on the main board until edited or approved.

3.As a mood board for advertisers- Here the secret boards could be used as as part of a creative brief or as part of a focus group where the publisher can visualize what the ideal customer might wear, do, eat and even live. This is an excellent tool for launches and re-launches where the publisher is attempting to communicate a vision.

Website Verification 

Now pinners/customers will be sure they are interacting with the actual business they want to interact with. Users have less of a chance of being scammed by poser businesses and will be more trusting towards the company if it is verified. Users will see a tick next to the company's web address so they know the pin they click on is from a safe, verified site.

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