December 17, 2012 Monday - updated 09:14 AM PT

Western Environmental Liner Joins Facebook

Tolleson, , United States ( - December 17, 2012) Western Environmental Liner, one of the leading suppliers of Pond Liners & Canal Liners, expands its online presence by joining Facebook.

Now, you can connect to Western Environmental Liner through Facebook. Western Environmental Liner is proud to be a part of the most popular social networking website. Western Environmental Liner fans and customers can now get the latest announcements and News feeds about products and services through their Facebook business page You can like, share, post comments and provide suggestions and feedbacks in Western Environmental Liner’s business page. You can also browse through images of some of the company’s completed projects.

Western Environmental Liner’s dedication to its customers lead to its adaption of new media of communications and delivers up-to-date information at customer’s convenience. With the vast use of social media, Facebook is another perfect place to get connected with customers.

Western Environmental Liner provides quality service to some of the biggest turnkey installers in the fracking industry and is always ready to help customers by offering the best guidance and advice in projects involving pond liners. They offer FracPit Liner, Containment Liner, Canal Liner and Geomembrane needs.

Western Environmental Liner offers many applications such as:

Any Shape or Size Pond
Temporary Construction Pond
Pre-cast Pipe & Manhole Linings
Waste Pits
Landfill Liners
Reservoir Liners
Frac Pit Liners

Evaporation Pond
Lagoon Liners
Mining Applications
Golf Course Pond
Recreational Facilities
Containment Liners
Vapor Barriers
Geomembrane Selection
And More!

Western Environmental Liner has multiple factories located in Tolleson, AZ, Romulus, NY and Great Bend KS. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, they guaranteemeeting your frac pit liner, Canal Liner, pond liner, Geomembrane liners, Golf Pond Liner, lake liners, Landfill Liner, oil liner, polyethylene liner, polypropylene liners needs in a reasonable short amount of time. Don’t hesitate to contact them via e-mail at; phone at 1-800-347-8274 or website at for your needs.

About Western Environmental Liner:
Western Environmental Liner, a Division of Western Ag Enterprises Inc., was created in 2003. Western Ag Enterprises Inc. has been in existence for over 25 years producing hay tarps, shade & truck tarps, along with several other diverse products. Western Environmental Liner is created to provide a wide array of materials for the lining industry to ensure that the perfect product is chosen for each customer’s unique needs. They offer fabricated pond liners and linings for various applications such as large pond liners, canals, Retention Pond, lakes, pits, golf pond liners, oil liners, fuel liners, vapor barrier among several others. Their liners are made up of reinforced polypropylene, reinforced polyethylene liner, PVC liner, and other specialty materials.

Media Contact:

Shane Carter
Western Environmental Liner Co.
Tolleson, , AZ

Phone: 623-907-4034
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