December 15, 2012 Saturday - updated 08:27 AM PT

Perceptics UVIS Reduces Vehicle Screening Times at Inaugural Event

Mexico City, United States ( - December 15, 2012)  

Perceptics’ Under Vehicle Inspection Systems were chosen by the Mexico Government to secure the Inaugural Ceremonies of President Pena Nieto as Commander in Chief of Mexico’s Armed Forces. Inspection times of vehicles were dramatically cut down from 6 minutes per vehicle to less than one minute. The Mexican Secretariat of Defense ordered the deployment of the UVIS system to Camp Marte in Mexico City as part of new vehicle inspection protocols and to thoroughly screen incoming vehicles for hidden explosive devices. Security officials utilizing the automated under vehicle inspection systems for the first time, reported that they were able to perform detailed vehicle inspections and keep the incoming traffic moving.

The Estado Mayor Presidencial along with the Mexico City police and Federal police and Army were responsible for security operations for the high profile event, which drew foreign dignitaries such as Vice-President Joe Bidden and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos.

“Our under vehicle inspection systems have set a consistent precedent throughout the world for being able to image the undercarriage of a vehicle in seconds and expediting inspection processes,” said Jesus Solis, Director of Business Development Mexico for Perceptics. “The last thing you want to do is create traffic delays for global dignitaries and guests and compromise security protocols,” Solis continued.

About Perceptics: 

For over 30-years, Perceptics License Plate Recognition Systems have been accurately reading plates and state identification on all plate types, any time, day or night. Their LPR and Under Vehicle Inspection systems have been deployed in thousands of lanes worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Singapore.


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