December 15, 2012 Saturday - updated 08:16 AM PT

The Manchester Derby hype and result sparks viral wave on the Micah Richards Facebook page, says Digital Sports Group.

United States ( - December 15, 2012)

Digital Sports Group head of operations Matthew Tait believes that the recent domination on the field courtesy of the star studded line up has seen key players such as Micah Richards' Facebook page increase dramatically with the total weekly reach increasing by over 20%. The Facebook page has become a thriving hub for the Manchester City defender since its launch and is becoming more and more popular with each week that passes, with a rapidly growing community of fans keen to hear all the latest news on their favourite player. The official PFA Facebook page, along with Micah Richards player profile on, provide the only online location of the official PFA biography, lifetime stats, news and high resolution gallery.

The Manchester derby at the Etihad Stadium saw Manchester City's two year unbeaten streak come to an end as their city rivals Manchester United claimed all three points in a dramatic finish. City came back from two goals down in what looked to be a great result for the hosts – although Robin van Persie and Manchester United had other plans.

Although the game was blighted with last minute unnecessary conflict between the fans and the players – the derby has increased interaction on the Micah Richards page especially massively. The Micah Richards' Facebook Page is no doubt the number one spot to receive all the latest news on Manchester City Football Club and their star players.

Head of Operations at DSG, Matthew Tait, had this to say, “Micah Richards really has no shortage of fans after his performances for Manchester City this season and we can see that by the success of his PFA Facebook page. All of us here at Digital Sports Group are proud we've had the opportunity to work with The PFA to give the fans a fantastic and unique fan resource for Micah.”

DSG became the official digital partner of the Professional Footballers Association (PFA) earlier this year and have since launched a number of Player profile fan pages on social media site Facebook as well as providing official player pages on their football news site

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