December 14, 2012 Friday - updated 07:42 AM PT

Slots of Vegas Brings Joy and Excitement to the Holiday Season with the Santa vs. Rudolph Promotion

San Jose, United States ( - December 14, 2012)

Slots of Vegas is your one stop place to play all the best casino games in a safe and secure environment. Players receive top notch service and a wide variety of games to play. At slots of the Vegas the players come first and it shows with 24/7 customer support and some of the best promotions you can find in the industry.

All December long at Slots of Vegas, Santa and Rudolph fight to give you some extra holiday cash. Santa vs. Rudolph is the latest promotion that lets you decide who will win. Pick a side and win your share of some cool rewards.

Each time you make a deposit, choose who you want to win by entering SANTA250 or RUDOLPH250. Each time you enter a bonus code a vote counts towards either Santa or Rudolph. Whichever side has more votes at the end of the promotion wins all the prizes.

Not only do you choose who wins, but the more times you vote the bigger your prizes get. Santa's prizes start at 20% cash back and top out at 50% cash back. IF Rudolph wins, you could get anywhere from a $100 free chip all the way up to a $500 free chip.

If that wasn't enough free cash for you, each week the top 3 players who use the most bonus codes win one of three prizes. Third place gets a 2GB Apple iPod. Second place receives a $50 Amazon gift Card. Top prize each week is brand new Kindle Fire.

About this promotion, a little chat with Christopher Di Angelo, who is Slots of Vegas' Marketing Manager: "We saw how much people loved this holiday promotion last year, they just went crazy picking teams and fighting to make their favorite win, so we thought it was only logical to bring the whole excitement and craziness of Santa vs. Rudolph back. Who knows, maybe it will even become our Christmas tradition." For sure this is one of the casino’s favorite promos.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can deposit. Deposit must be for $50 or more to qualify for this promotion. To find out more about Santa vs. Rudolph check out Slots of Vegas Promotions page.

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Judy Rai
Slots of Vegas
San Jose, CA

Phone: 1-866-887-7476
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