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Dream Big Art, A New Way to Decorate

Santa Barbara, United States ( - December 14, 2012)

Dream Big Art adds children's favorite dreams onto large art, and makes them safe, easy to hang, and easy to move.

“As a parent, I wanted a piece of art that would completely transform my children's room, but it needed to be safe, and portable,” said founder, Linda Perkins. “After not being able to find it, I decided to hire an artist to paint a scene on canvas. My children’s reaction to the art and their continued interaction with it is what inspired me to create Dream Big Art and make large art available to other children." After two years of researching, developing, and working with talented artists, Dream Big Art launched its online store,, in 2012.

Dream Big Art is created by artists who paint or graphically design original art, which is reproduced onto cotton canvas with high quality printing. Dream Big Art has fifteen rich and vibrant giclees available in the following child-inspired themes:

Aloha, Ballet, California Kelp, Candy Store, Concert on the Pond, Dig Digging, Dinosaurs, Firefighters, Jungle, Outrigger, Pirates, Space Mission, Surfer, Tea Party, and Trains.    

Dream Big Art offers three sizes: large 93”x58” (near 8 feet by 5 feet), medium 48”x30”, and small 32”x20”. Each piece is designed with grommets across the top and is easily hung with wall safe adhesive hooks, eliminating heavy framework and the need to add holes into walls. “Having no heavy framework was important for the hanging design of the art, because it allowed the art to be safe for a child’s room and inviting for their imaginations to step right in,” said Perkins.

"Dream Big is great for families that have to move a lot,” stated Alicia Matteson, mother to Conrad, 10 and Noah, 5. “The art was so easy to hang up. It will be so comforting to my children to be able to take the art with them to a new home, so their new rooms feel familiar to them."

Media Contact:

Linda Perkins
Dream Big Art
Santa Barbara, California

Phone: 805-284-2370
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