December 10, 2012 Monday - updated 14:18 PM PT

Meridien Ten and Bike Tour Buzz Create Croatia Bike Tour Guide

Boston, United States ( - December 10, 2012)

Bike Tour Buzz, an independent resource that provides reviews, recommendations and other resources on cycling vacations, has collaborated with Meriden Ten, a Croatian bike tour operator to release a bike tour guide to Croatia. The guide provides recommendations for a cycling around specific regions such as Split, Dubrovnik, and the Dalmatian Islands.

"Croatia is a wonderful, undiscovered gem, and we wanted to give people the insider story. We want to help people discover Croatia and its great Mediterranean food, great wine, laid back island life style, and beautiful scenery,” said Andro Tartaglia, Manager for Meridien Ten.

The guide covers riding from Split to Dubrovnik, as well as specific click-throughs cycling in Dalmatian Islands of Hvar, Brac and Korcula.

"Croatia is a major sleeper when it comes to a bike tour. With the help of Meridien Ten, we want to help get the word out about what a great place to bike it is," said Bike Tour Buzz Founder Ted Chan.

The bike tour destination guide describes options on a country by country basis, as well as tips for the most popular bike tour regions, such as Tuscany, Burgundy, and Bordeaux. It has a cycling adventure guide to Italy that is quickly gaining popularity. The guide covers topics such as most popular sites to visit, biking terrain, logistics, and popular tour operators in the area.

The site also has a bike tour operator user reviews section, with the contact information for more than 450 global operators. Company reviews can be sorted by overall rank, country, and typical price point.    In addition to overall satisfaction, users can rate companies on food, accommodations, bike quality, and quality of the guides.

"Between the destination guide and the expanding number of user reviews we are capturing, we're excited Bike Tour Buzz is becoming a trusted source for anyone trying to decide where to go on a bike vacation. Croatia is a great addition to the list," said Chan.

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About Bike Tour Buzz

Bike Tour Buzz is an independent resource that provides reviews, recommendations and other resources on cycling vacations. We are run by passionate lovers of global travel, cycling tours and active adventures. Our mission is to help people taking bike tours research their ideal location and trip style, and match them up with the best tour operators. We want to make the cycling vacation industry more transparent, and reward the companies that provide the best experiences and customer service. We are based in Boston, MA, and a minority/woman-owned company.

About Meridien Ten

Meridien Ten is a bike tour and bike rental operator located in Split, Croatia, and has been family owned and operated for four generations. Their professional and efficient staff specializes in developing custom bike tours and adventure holidays. Meridien Ten can tailor to luxury and small group travel, custom tours, cultural and culinary tours in Croatia. 

Meridien Ten offers self-guided cycling tours and quality bike rental as well as guided small group tours. As passionate cyclists with intimate knowledge of the islands of Croatia, Meridien Ten can create amazing tailor made tours based on your wishes/preferences.

Meridien Ten has 40 hybrid and 40 road bikes that come in 6 different sizes, one of if not the largest fleet in Croatia.

Media Contact:

Ted Chan
Bike Tour Reviews and Destination Guide
Boston, MA

Phone: 781-856-8686
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