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Conversion Services for Beta To DVD Transfers Announces National Offer from

Tucson, United States ( - December 10, 2012)  

People who still have collections of Betamax tapes and would like to update their format and preserve the content can now use the services being offered by conversion specialists The firm is offering Betamax transfer to DVD or other digital format, and tape repair if the content is recoverable. Safe & secure shipping options are offered nationally, and entire collections can be updated to prevent loss.

Betamax may be out of fashion, but according to the company, a number of people still have large collections of everything from family videos to weddings that need conversion. Besides degradation issues, the players themselves are very difficult to come by and render these tapes virtually useless to most owners.

Additionally, offers the services of a professional video editor with over 30 years of Hollywood experience that can transform old home videos into emotional masterpieces with enhancements such as: 

color correction

editing & timing enhancements

set to music

removing unwanted participants

audio enhancements

A recent article in Digital Times speaking of the risk to old tapes and the need to update formats declared, "A wrong step, a broken pipe,or old beta tapes can reduce your families proudest moments to a mess of broken tape or plastic in an instant."

"Your families memories captured on tape deserve to be treated with respect, care and consideration. A families entire documented history can be wiped out in a moment when not preserved in a lasting format, its tragic," added Tom Pryor with


Experienced and passionate multimedia professionals who specialize in helping people update old formats into modern, high quality enhanced media. To learn more about how they can help you convert your BetaMax tapes to DVD, click here to visit:


Media Contact:

Tom Pryor

Phone: (520) 579-8745
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