December 08, 2012 Saturday - updated 10:21 AM PT

Appsbar Recognizes NY Auto School as the App of the Day

United States ( - December 08, 2012)

The term “mobile” has a whole new meaning at Mercedes Driving School in Bayside, Queens, NY as the driving school has released a new app in the free app marketplace at By utilizing modern technology and the free DIY app builder at, Mercedes Driving School stays in touch with clients and provides fingertip-available information to students.

All of the school’s courses are explained on the new app, including information on the Defensive Driving Class and all mandatory pre-licensing courses. Students can use the app to register for 45-minute road lessons that are customized for each student with safety as the top priority. The mobile app also provides links and contact information for the school.

The app is optimized for both iOS and Android smartphone use.

To create an app of your own with the free and easy-to-use app maker, go to To view download other interesting new apps for free, visit

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