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Platt and Wright's Newest Title, Barely Two Weeks Old, Already Boasting Rave Reviews & Addicted Readers

Cincinnati, United States ( - December 08, 2012)

Kings of the serial, Sean Platt and David Wright are yet again ruining readers' fingernails and sleeping habits with their latest title, Monstrous.

Since the first episode launched November 27, Monstrous has already secured seven five star reviews and an average rating of 4.9 out of five stars.

The serial, which is published in bi-weekly episodes, tells the story of comedian Harry Black, who at the height of his career is murdered - then, in the afterlife, given an impossible choice: to work his way to heaven and risk never seeing his family again, or to see his family - but with his body twisted to match his sins.

One reader, Logan Rutherford, used his review to espouse his "hate" for Platt and Wright. Rutherford purchased Monstrous planning to wait until all the episodes had launched before plunging in to read.

"I bought Monstrous the day it came out, with plans to not read it until the entire book was released," Rutherford said.

"However, I was a bit curious so I decided to read a little bit. Then a little bit more. Before you knew it, I had read the first episode. Now I'm clamoring for the second episode, and will devour it the second it's available to download! If I just would've waited a few weeks, I could've read the entire thing at once. But NO, I just HAD to read the first episode...

"Bravo, Sean and David! I hate you."

Reviewer Kathy Austin added that the book "totally enthralls you, grabs you deep down in the gut and won't let go."

Adam Bailey, meanwhile, praised the engaging story world and characters that pull on your heart strings. "The writing is killer and the characters are perfect--the intense pace suits the story well," Bailey wrote.

Author Sean Platt said he is "overjoyed" by the positive response of readers.

"My co-author David Wright and I work incredibly hard to write stories that give our readers a gut-spinning, heart-stopping experience," Platt said.

"It makes us very happy to know that we've hit the spot, and to see that our readers enjoy reading our serials as much as we enjoy writing them."

Monstrous, published by Amazon's imprint 47North, is currently priced at $1.99. The price will increase to $5.99 when the full season has launched.

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