December 07, 2012 Friday - updated 09:38 AM PT

ViaZiz Expands Into South Africa

Cape Town, United States ( - December 07, 2012)  

ViaZiz has completed its Q4 revenue projections and is now expanding into the Southern African continent, according to their COO, John Burnham.

John Burnham commented "Due to our rapid expansion throughout the Australia region, we have fostered new relationships with several major distributors enabling us to expedite our customer delivery timetables. This increases customer satisfaction which reflects in our Q3 and Q4 revenue levels."

"The acquisition of our new distributors has opened up new geographic territory for us and we are extremely pleased to announce our expansion into South Africa. We look forward to offering South Africans our amazing customer service and quality products. I will be personally overseeing the operation in South Africa and I will ensure our South African presence is aligned with our global presence in terms of quality."

ViaZiz's new office can be found in Cape Town and their shipping partners will reportedly include SAPO. Delivery times on any items will be under 24 hours when ordered before 3PM Monday to Friday.


ViaZiz was started in September 2009. Our goal as a business is simple, to provide an online auction model that creates excitement and overall better deals to the consumer than any other auction website in existence. With our staff having many years of experience in Internet marketing, economics, finance and computer science, we strongly believe we can deliver this to our customers. We strive to keep our costs as low as possible to maximize the number of great deals we can offer at ViaZiz.


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Michelle Loxton
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