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Enigin Report IEA Want Global Focus on Energy Efficiency

London, United Kingdom ( - December 10, 2012) The IEA’s Outlook offers predictions of the development of global energy patterns through to 2035, estimating impacts on sustainability, economic development, energy security and climate change. This year’s report calls for countries to focus policies on improving energy efficiency.


As reported by Enigin News IEA’s Chief Economist, Fatih Birol said that there is a “growing momentum in many countries to push the energy efficiency button,” but he suggested the efforts need strong policies as as this will now at least keep the global temperature rise to 2 °C.

Maria van der Hoeven, IEA Executive Director, added that “Energy efficiency is just as important as unconstrained energy supply, and increased action on efficiency can serve as a unifying energy policy that brings multiple benefits.”

The report shows the benefits from energy efficiency directives introduce stringent and effective building codes and other strategies that have a positive effect on economies, job creation and the environment; with a quick return on investment. 

Enigin plc’s MD, Troy Wrigley, commented on the Enigin News report: “The IEA’s Outlook underlines what we have been telling industry, commerce and the public sector for several years - that energy efficiency and energy saving are paramount in not only combating climate change but also in securing the future financially.”


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