December 06, 2012 Thursday - updated 09:17 AM PT

Saatva, the Leading e-Commerce Luxury Mattress Company, Makes Major Donation to Seeds of Hope in Order to Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

United States ( - December 06, 2012)

Saatva, the rapidly growing online-only luxury mattress retailer, has partnered with Seeds of Hope to give away approximately 50 mattresses to victims of Hurricane Sandy. In its short history, Saatva has been involved in numerous efforts in supporting local communities and this continues Saatva´s legacy of giving. In the wake of the devastation following Hurricane Sandy, the management team at Saatva wanted to help in any way possible.

Saatva hopes its donation can begin to help start the rebuilding process for the communities affected by the storm the most. Located near the coast of Connecticut, the company felt head-on the full impact of the storm.

“Being located in Westport, Connecticut, we fully understand the devastation that so much of this region has gone through with hurricane Sandy. We hope our donation can help further the rebuilding process for families and communities,” said Ron Rudzin, CEO of Saatva.

Saatva will continue to assess other ways to help the storm victims and will work diligently with its internal team to make sure the program is a success.

“Our thoughts have been with those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Social giving and community outreach are part of Saatva's DNA, we wanted to do whatever we could to help those impacted,” said Ricky Joshi, CMO of Saatva.

Since its inception Saatva has incorporated social giving into the core values of the company. As it has grown, Saatva has continuously worked with organizations such as Seeds of Hope to make significant community contributions throughout the country.

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Ricky Joshi
Saatva Luxury Mattress

Phone: 8776722882
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