December 06, 2012 Thursday - updated 09:15 AM PT

Hotel Management Company Amsterdam Hospitality Receives Letter of Thanks for Their Kindness During Hurricane Sandy

United States ( - December 06, 2012)

Hours after Hurricane Sandy ravished through Long Island, NY, the Podolsky brothers received a call from a friend to inform them that HALB lost its power and that the school was unable to remain open to house and resume business. Experienced in the logistics of hotel management, the brothers decided to send one of their high powered electric generators to aide the school in keeping its door open.

In a letter sent to Stuart Podolsky, Jonathan Leifer from HALB stated: “One behalf of the entire HALB board of directors and the HALB family I want to personally thank you for your generous help during this trying time. When the power was disrupted at our Hewlett campus, you both together with your employees at Amsterdam Hospitality Group, came to our aid- delivering to us a generator capable of powering our campus- thereby allowing our children to return to the class room in a timely and orderly fashion.”

About Amsterdam Hospitality: 

Amsterdamn Hospitality is a hotel management company based in New York City. It is known for its boutique style hotels and strives to provide great accommodations, at a great price in a prime location. Their website is or they can be emailed at gdfouni(at)amsterdamhospitality(dot)com

About HALB: 

HALB has been serving the educational needs of the Jewish community for over forty years. HALB strives to inculcate in its students a total commitment to halachic Judaism as embodied by the Torah and its Oral Tradition, including a sense of identification with the State of Israel and religious Zionism, while combining a strong emphasis on scholastic excellence with a concern for personal growth and development.

Media Contact:

George Dfouni
Amsterdam Hospitality

Phone: (212) 247-9700
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