December 05, 2012 Wednesday - updated 09:07 AM PT

International Renowned Endoscopy Equipment Company ProEndoscopy, Becomes the Only Official Distributer for Optim in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico

Sunrise, United States ( - December 05, 2012)  

The Miami based company has taken the endoscope repair market by storm by uniting technology with over 20 years of seasoned experience. Its owner Cesar Martin started his career as a technician in his early 20’s “I’ve been in the endoscope repair business since I can remember” says Martin whose knowledge and experience have led the success of his business.

ProEndoscopy’s now established reputation will catapult Optim’s reach in Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The Line’s innovative design and state-of-art construction creates this high quality flexible fiberscope marking it the finest available worldwide.

For more information visit ProEndoscopy at or contact at info(at)proendoscopy(dot)com l 954-7479000


Media Contact:

Cesar Martin
Sunrise, Florida

Phone: 954-747-9000
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