December 04, 2012 Tuesday - updated 09:22 AM PT

City Paper Releases Exclusive Holiday T-Shirt and Apron Designs

Birmingham, United States ( - December 04, 2012)

City Paper Company is always thinking up something new. With Christmas approaching, the Birmingham institution is rolling out new customizable designs for t-shirts, aprons and tote bags.

Available in all sizes and colors, the shirts and aprons come in orders of at least 24. The factory-low prices make these great for giveaways or prizes both in and out of the store. City Paper’s in-house design team helps businesses advertise organically by applying store names, logos, and locations on aprons, shirts, and apparel boxes. Wholesale gift boxes are also available and fully customizable.

Many local business owners use the products of the City Paper Company to add another level of professionalism to their business. City Paper provides everything a business could need around the holidays: gift boxes, packaging tissue, tote bags, wrapping paper, and plastic bags wholesale. Customers can now order online 24/7 on the City Paper Company webdsite.

“City Paper has been open since 1897,” said Paul Friedman, Jr., president and CEO of City Paper. “Our doors have remained open all of these years because of one thing: innovation. We find out what businesses need, and we make it happen. We produce quality products at wholesale prices.”

City Paper has also been involved in a variety of civil affairs, and their in-house design team lent a hand to the “Black Out Breast Cancer” event in October by designing T-shirts for local firefighters.

About City Paper: 

City Paper’s graphic design team works with corporations, large businesses, event planners, and nonprofits to provide elegant, functional, branded products. Located in Birmingham, AL, City Paper can help your business take that next step. Place your logo anywhere to start advertising effortlessly with customized plastic bags and apparel boxes wholesale this holiday season. Call 205-328-2626 or visit the City Paper Company website.

City Paper Company 

3700 1st Ave N 

Birmingham, AL 35222 


Media Contact:

Stacey Dulin
City Paper Company
Birmingham, AL

Phone: (205) 328-2626
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