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Vasavi Kumar to be Interviewed by Life Business Growth founder, Kerry Swetmon, During the Divine Business Shift Telesummit, Dec. 10-14, 2012

Atlanta, United States ( - December 04, 2012)

One of the questions that fuels the work of life coach and radio personality Vasavi Kumar is why we intentionally hold ourselves back from achieving our full potential and living our dreams. It’s usually because we fear playing big, she says. We are afraid to risk giving up our security and the life we know. But what’s more worthwhile, she asks, “That you live this life the way you were meant to? Or that you protect yourself from the dangers of being who you truly are?”

Vasavi Kumar is just one of 10 successful, inspired women entrepreneurs featured on the upcoming Divine Business Shift telesummit, taking place Dec. 10-14, 2012. The Divine Business Shift happens when we realize we can be a business owner and still be authentic, powerful and prosperous. These 10 business owners have tossed out the rule books and are creating businesses and lives on their own terms. They will share their best tips, secrets and lessons on the 5-day telesummit. Hosted by Life•Business•Growth founder Kerry Swetmon, details for the telesummit can be found at

Topics to be covered include: 

How to find your unique signature system and create new revenue streams, how taking back your power in your life actually helps you attract more clients and generate cash flow, how to be the queen in your life and business and how to stop sabotaging self-talk so you can fully live your purpose.

Other speakers include: 

Health and wellness expert, Ellen Whitehurst, Patti Keating, the “Money Spot Mentor;” Vanessa Simpkins, author of From Bankrupt to $900 a Day Selling Mops; “Goddess Guide & Spiritual Leader” Jenny Fenig; author, speaker and former beauty queen Molesey Knox Brunson; motivational mindset speaker Joyce Layman Blackburn; speaker and prosperity coach Ingrid Geronimo and marketing strategist and Atlanta Ladies Who Launch owner Angela Stalcup. Hosting the telesummit is seasoned entrepreneur and Life•Business•Growth founder, Kerry Swetmon.

To see the full line up and bio details, register and receive access to valuable free bonuses, visit

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Kerry Swetmon
Life Business Growth
Atlanta, GA

Phone: 888-251-9284
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