December 03, 2012 Monday - updated 17:02 PM PT

Personal Loans For Bad Credit With New Express Approval Service

Moshav Gea, Israel ( - December 03, 2012), the popular loans for bad credit search platform, announces its new express approval service with a one hour turnaround for applications. The decision comes as many online loan aggregator sites experience peak traffic in the traditionally busy pre-holiday period, where consumer spending is at its highest.

A spokesperson for the site made the announcement with reference to the peak demand for credit options for bad credit borrowers.

“Never is there a more busy time for loan applications and credit inquiries than the last month of the year. For a high proportion of consumers, these upcoming few weeks put a lot of pressure on their finances and many need extra cash to tide them over. Ironically, this time period is one of the toughest to get a bank loan. This is why has done everything in its power to make the path to winter borrowing as easy, fast and convenient as possible.”

As the same suggests, is a comparison organization that works in conjunction with bad credit specialist lenders to help individuals with less than perfect credit backgrounds access competitively rated loans for bad credit online without prejudice.

“We announce our new express application promotion and extend our services to all consumers irrespective of their credit score. We are partnered with a raft of bad credit specialist lenders, so no consumer should feel dissuaded from applying. On the contrary - there is the possibility of approval for each applicant and no one should be concerned by defaults, missed past payments or even no credit history at all. No credit checks are performed and all information remains confidential.”

When asked what motivated the organization to announce this promotion, the spokesperson explained that the impetus came from the desire to help consumers get their finances on track before the holiday period, when it can be hard to find institutions that remain open for lending.

The spokesperson continued, “With limited time to apply for and receive bad credit loans before the holiday season gets into full swing, we know that consumers will appreciate our new express loan application track. This means that successful applicants can receive cash paid straight into their checking account in as little as sixty minutes from approval. We invite consumers to use the new service for free to increase their spending power this month.”

All loans available through the organization’s affiliated lenders are unsecured loans. This means that they are not attached to any collateral such as a house. This makes them ideal for individuals who are not home owners or those who do not want to borrow against assets.

To apply for a personal or short term loan through the new service and receive possible instant approval, complete the application form at:

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Nati Malka
I-Logic (M.M) L.T.D
Marketing Manager
Haegoz 282
Moshav Gea, Israel

Phone: +972545588755
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