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Ashley Oubré Premieres First Solo Exhibit of Hyperrealist Pencil Drawings

Washington, United States ( - December 03, 2012)  

A private view of recent works by artist Ashley Oubré was held on Wednesday evening, November 28, 2012, at The Bartley in Washington, D.C. The artist debuted six unseen works alongside original drawings created this past year. An elegant and artistically masterful affair, Oubré's debut has proven her to be a formidable and phenomenal talent, firmly solidifying her place in the art world.

Oubré's work has always drawn inspiration from the complexities of everyday life, evidenced in one of her earlier pieces “Crying Woman,” however in her newest work we see Oubré taking a more personal approach by shifting her focus inward, acting as her own muse, displaying pieces more befitting of her current style and artistic perspective. “When I first began drawing, I lacked direction. Today I draw in a way that’s more in line with who I am,” Oubré remarked. “I am an only child, and growing up I was bullied – I always felt alone,” she continued. The isolation and scarring, both literal and figurative, are clearly unfolded in Oubré’s work, from “Her,” a Pygmy African woman to “Brenda,” a hauntingly-beautiful Cambodian refugee.

Viewers were left spellbound by the magnitude of Ashley’s talent and the depth of her vision as an artist. “Her art is mind-blowing and I can't believe these aren't photographs,” remarked Tianne Wade. While attendees struggled to find an erroneous pencil stroke providing evidence of a handmade drawing, many were also left searching for a singular emotion to describe their viewing experience. “Her work is surreal,” commented a guest. Oubré's pieces included many subjects who seemed to exist in a state of emotional vacancy or uncertainty, placing the viewer in an equally unsettling void. This duality of sensation was Oubré's motivation to theme her show “Partition,” representing a separation or connection, whether in feeling or in form.

About Artist Ashley Oubré:

Ashley Oubré, 27, is a self-taught artist and native of Washington D.C. Ashley began dabbling in abstract painting at the age of 19, only to discover her niche in hyperrealist pencil drawings by 20. Oubré’s portraits have adorned an array of mediums, from private collections to album covers. Oubré currently creates and resides in Washington, D.C.

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Brenda Pearson



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Brenda Pearson
Ashley Oubré
Washington, DC

Phone: 202.246.1894
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