December 03, 2012 Monday - updated 08:10 AM PT Number One Selling Supplement - Muscle Pharm Assault

American Fork, United States ( - December 03, 2012) is pleased to announce the number one selling brand name supplement Muscle Pharm Assault at a price that everyone can afford! At only $24 for a 1.62 lb., it is the top selling brand name supplement that (Normally $34.95 +) Muscle Pharm Assault is the most powerful combination of naturally-derived substances which can help everyone in shattering their personal bests at the gym. It is proven to be effective in giving the user incredible strength and power. already sold thousands of Brand Name Supplements in the market today and Muscle Pharm Assault is the leading best seller. It increases energy at the most fundamental, cellular level. It provides users an incredible endurance that they need in order to achieve their goals. What’s great about this product, is that everyone can use it before or during their workout sessions. It has Cinnulin PF and clinically proven Astragin that give better nutrient delivery resulting in a leaner physique and stronger muscles.

Muscle Pharm Assault is a kind of pre workout supplement, which increases focus and concentration as well as gives tons of energy to the users. Everyone can get results in just a short period of time. It has all the nutrients that are proven effective in giving leaner muscles. caters to those people who are in a budget. Compared to other companies, all the products that offer are at distributor pricing…not at wholesale or below wholesale…but at distributor prices! It will surely suit in anyone’s budget for Brand Name supplements. members also receive an exclusive monthly specials and deals that cannot be found anywhere. Become a member today!

There are so many people who have already bought this product on and all of them are satisfied with the results…just check out the reviews. Muscle Pharm Assault has received five stars reviews to all the customers, making this product one of the best in the market today.

“I absolutely LOVE this stuff and I have tried them all. A must for anyone looking to take their training to the next level.” Graham TX

In order to know more information about as well as the products that they are offering in the market today, visit their website today at or call them at 877-434-8728. Become a member today and never pay normal prices again!


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Ryan Gardner
American Fork, Utah

Phone: 801-701-9220
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