December 03, 2012 Monday - updated 08:08 AM PT

Contact At Once! Is Chat of Choice for Trader Media Group

London, United Kingdom ( - December 03, 2012)  

Contact At Once! (, the leading providers of automotive chat, announced today that Trader Media Group have chosen its chat product for deployment on, the country’s leading motoring website. The integration of chat allows online shoppers to instantly connect with dealer advertisers. serves more than 11 million unique visitors a month.

The majority of car shoppers use online classified sites during their search and the addition of chat to can help dealers build relationships with those customers throughout the shopping experience. Worldwide, over 10,000 motor dealers utilise Contact At Once chat. They typically experience lead lift of 25% or more, after beginning to chat with shoppers.

“Adding Contact At Once! chat to our package is another example of our commitment to utilise the latest technologies for the benefit of our motor dealer advertisers and consumers,” says Nathan Coe, group director, Autotrader U.K.

The Contact At Once! chat window can be customised to display the name and photo of actual dealership employees, which improves recognition and has been shown to increase the number of chat inquiries dealerships receive. Chats can be managed from desktop computers and mobile devices, so dealers need never miss a chat.

"Motor dealers who are not using chat are missing sales opportunities," says Skip Dowd, senior vice president of automotive sales for Contact At Once! “Dealers and manufacturers who are present and ready to instantly interact with consumers via chat make it simpler for potential buyers to engage.”

About Contact At Once!

Contact At Once! pioneered the use of live chat in automotive advertising, enabling more connections between online shoppers and sellers than any other chat provider. More than 10,000 motor dealers, the world’s busiest automotive classified sites and many automotive manufacturers rely on Contact At Once! to drive incremental leads and increase the return on advertising investments. For more information, visit


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Jim Monks
Contact At Once! Ltd

Phone: (0)330-808-0201
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