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eReflect Software Releases New Typing Software Product

United States ( - December 02, 2012)

Today, eReflect software company announced the release of a new sophisticated tutor typing software. Following the success of previous software packages Ultimate Memory and Ultimate Vocabulary, eReflect developed Ultimate Typing for helping people improve their typing, something that will also help them eventually do better at their professions and other typing responsibilities.

Ultimate Typing uses a unique, next-generation technology called EasyLearn™. This technology uses easy to follow video tutorials that are intuitive and instructional to such an extent that the user feels the instructor is there in real life.

Realizing how computer use is becoming increasingly necessary in most professions and aspects of life, Ultimate Typing developers wished to create software that can quickly and efficiently improve anyone’s typing skills, since once typing skills are learned people can focus on what really matters. According to Ultimate Typing, when people are efficient typists they can save from 4 to up to 47 hours per month of typing time.

Apart from its advanced EasyLEarn™ technology, Ultimate Typing integrates no less than 7 different typing strategies to help learners achieve their typing goals quickly and successfully.

One such strategy is Adaptive Learning Technology™. This new technology makes Ultimate Typing very intuitive, behaving almost like a classroom teacher. Instead of learners being given the same exact set of drills and exercises every time, Ultimate Typing charts each user’s progress and provides customized drills so that these are challenging enough for the demands of each learner as they improve over time.

Ultimate Typing developers have implemented another strategy which makes the software more current and engaging. Rather than requiring users to practice typing with the same canned texts every time, the software allows users to pick a Wikipedia or a newspaper article of their choice and practice with that text. This promotes learning and typing improvement in one single action.

This typing tutor software addresses the needs of all possible learners and as such provides a large array of exercises that people of all ages can relate to. From advanced, speed-focused exercises to fun, addictive typing games, Ultimate Typing's designers carefully took everyone’s needs into consideration when developing this versatile and customizable typing software.

For more information on how Ultimate Typing can improve your typing skills please visit

About Ultimate Typing

Ultimate Typing™ is an advanced typing tutor software that offers incomparably sophisticated typing strategies.

Ultimate Typing™ is informed by the latest research and scientific developments about efficient typing. With as little as 7 minutes a day, aspiring fast typists can substantially improve their typing accuracy and speed.

With its user-friendly and expert-designed activities all users can improve their typing. Accurate typing is possible thanks to Ultimate Typing. Plus, eReflect provides a money-back guarantee that cannot be matched.

Media Contact:

Marc Slater
eReflect Pty Ltd

Phone: 1-800-710-8764
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