December 02, 2012 Sunday - updated 14:49 PM PT

Interdimensional Games Inc. Announces New IP: "CONSORTIUM"

Vancouver, United States ( - December 02, 2012)

iDGi unveils a brand new Intellectual Property,"CONSORTIUM" years in the making. A Kickstarter Campaign has been started, offering a great deal of detailed information about the project.

For the past 3 years, through their Alternate Reality Game (A.R.G.), iDGi has been maintaining and developing the abilities of "iDGi-1," an artificial satellite put into orbit in 2009 which allows for the exploration of an alternate universe. Learn more about iDGi-1 on our facebook page.

"The inter-dimensional abilities of iDGi-1 have increased exponentially over the past year," says Vidal Desertch, founder of iDGi and inventor of the iDGi-1 satellite. "We can now directly control a human being from the other dimension, in first-person, through what we call a 'quantum neural nexus.' Through this nexus, we can more easily explore the other universe in full 3D and without anyone guiding our hand. This man we are linking with is known as 'Consortium Bishop Six,' and is a part of an organization called the 'Consortium.' From what we have been able to tell, the Consortium is a powerful peacekeeping organization dedicated to maintaining global peace and protecting the Earth's environment, through any means necessary."

IDGi's Gregory MacMartin goes on to explain that the world of 2042 appears to be an amazingly bright place. "In stark contrast to so many visions of our future that depict variations of darkness and despair, it appears as though the future world of CONSORTIUM is a place we all hope to inhabit one day. The problems behind fusion energy have been cracked, and everyone has access to sustainable energy. Human beings live in orbit, on the moon, and on Mars. Global temperatures have begun to stabilize and even reversed their trends, and no-one goes to bed hungry..."

Media Contact:

Gregory MacMartin
Interdimensional Games
Vancouver, BC

Phone: 604-857-3747
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