December 02, 2012 Sunday - updated 14:47 PM PT

Lighting Services Inc- New Superspot Long Throw LED

Stony Point, United States ( - December 02, 2012)

Lighting Services Inc introduces the LP3 Series, the first in a series of super high power, tight focused LED fixtures, specifically designed for long throw, tight beam applications.

The LP3 Series is the first fixture to accept Lumentalk Technology™. Designed to take the place of aging low voltage sources, such as PAR56 or PAR64, this efficient, super high power LED fixture can produce a 6 degree beam with 100,000 CBCP which rivals the most powerful sealed beam technology.

The LP3 Series Specification Catalog Sheet can be downloaded from here:

For over 55 years, LSI has been the premier manufacturer of specification grade track, accent, display aand LED lighting systems. For more information about Lighting Services Inc, please visit

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Lighting Services Inc
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Phone: 845 942-2800
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