December 01, 2012 Saturday - updated 10:11 AM PT

A Rise in Unemployment Found by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics

United States ( - December 01, 2012)

According to Obama's wife, Michigan, the unemployment rate is still soaring and the number of people without a job has been increasing. She mentions that even though Obama's administration introduced the American Jobs Act and gave funds of around $2 billion to businesses, protected around 280,000 layoffs of teachers and provided job security to police and firefighters, yet the number unemployed has been seen to increase.

The American Jobs Act has not been as effective because India and China are serving as cheaper platforms and the American businesses choose to outsource their work to them to benefit from the cost efficiencies. Blue color jobs are outsourcedand this has lead to Americans losing job in their region. This is the negative aspect of globalization. The positive side to globalization however should not be ignored which is the easy access to the international customers and suppliers due to the removal of international barriers. This ease of communication with the global world has made online businesses possible increasing employment opportunities for everyone and providing them a chance to make money online.

Online websites that provide money making opportunities include Mechanical Turks which is one of the most popular crowd sourcing website where a request can be made and work can be done accordingly. The person who can provide work and has the abilities to do so can complete the task and make money. Mechanical Turks is accessed by millions of users who can work by creating an account and thus giving all of them an opportunity to search for an appropriate 

job opportunity for themselves.

DotComSecrets offers training to individuals who wish to work online. The website provides online help and training to help individuals by providing productive and easy ways to make money online. A complete informational guide is available on the website that mentions the various methods and kinds of job an individual can take. With such training, those unemployed at present can have a platform to work and improve their standard of living.

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