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By 2016, the U.S. Food Industry Needs 500,000 Chefs, Patissiers

LA, United States ( - November 30, 2012) By 2016, the U.S. Food Industry Needs 500,000 Chefs, Patissiers

The food industry is one of the fastest growing businesses in the U.S. According to statistics, 500,000 more culinary chefs and patissiers are needed by 2016. Such healthy growth for the entire industry is what spurs the interest of people who want to acquire essential culinary and baking skills to build a professional career in the food industry.

In modern times, people are interested in variety of recipes that use healthy ingredients and natural seasonings to maintain well-balanced food options. Future job outlook for food professionals looks promising with endless opportunities in the food industry.

C.P.C.S (California Premier Culinary School) is a state-approved culinary school established in 2005. Most recently in 2012, C.P.C.S. has merged with California Baking School. The school reorganized its curriculum and updated existing programs to provide the best learning environment for aspiring culinary and baking professionals. Passionate students are able to use their training to build necessary skills to develop a creative career. Despite severe unemployment rate among young people who struggle to secure stable jobs, C.P.C.S. employment rate among our graduates is 92%. Established companies recognize the excellent skills of our graduates, expanding future job opportunities for future graduates.

Through proper training in culinary arts, students acquire basic skills to work in a professional kitchen. Students also gain an understanding of how to utilize sense of smell, sight and taste to experiment with their own imaginations. Students develop a true sense of art by experimenting and incorporating various cultural elements to develop new creations.

Since 2008, baking courses aim to nurture professional pastry chefs who can achieve the best taste using varied ingredients in harmonious method. Through intensive training, students also learn to use decorative elements in the process of food presentation. C.P.C.S. offers business consultation as well as career advice during job search. C.P.C.S. offers various baking programs that consist of a three-month course, six-month professional course, hobby class and short-term course.

In addition to baking programs, C.P.C.S. offers Coffee Barista courses, which have been getting good response from students. At this time, C.P.C.S. is preparing to offer certification programs approved by SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). The school also provides a groundbreaking program to obtain state government-approved cooking certification and government-issued food handler license in the "11th SPEC short-term training and North America west coast tour (14 nights and 15 days)". During this intensive training period, participants will gain hands-on training and be given shadowing opportunities. This new program is receiving a lot of attention from prospective students from out of state and even Korea. (For more information, visit

Our certified instructors of BPPE (Department of Education of State Vocational Schools) impart their knowledge and effective teaching to build solid foundations in the culinary arts. Benefits of joining C.P.C.S. include financial assistance program for low-income families, unemployment assistance program and scholarship support. You can contact C.P.C.S if you are interested in learning more about the food world and want to secure a stable job in the future.

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