November 29, 2012 Thursday - updated 09:45 AM PT

New Radio Show Celebrates Individual Freedom and the Pursuit of the American Dream

United States ( - November 29, 2012)  

Believing that the future of economic growth rests in the hands of the innovators, William Cobb, along with his co-host M.L. Johnson, wrote Business Alchemy: Turning Ideas into Gold to educate individuals wanting to create new business ventures and be their own boss.

Addressing the entire entrepreneurial process, Cobb and Johnson will be talking with their listeners about taking a step-by-step journey through various business models, demonstrating to emerging entrepreneurs how to perfect an idea, secure capital and launch a new business.

“We’ve have found most new businesses are prone to failure because they lack access to effective business models,” said William Cobb, co-author of Business Alchemy. “By providing in-depth guidance and access to support organizations, we can help to clarify the process, provide some advice for our listeners and encourage these budding entrepreneurs to take their shot.”

Radio Colorado Network

1060-AM KRCN

614 Kimbark Street

Longmont, CO 80501

Phone: 303-776-2323


Media Contact:

William R Cobb

Phone: 970 226 5186
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