November 29, 2012 Thursday - updated 09:39 AM PT

Spectrum Surgical Offers Surgical Instrument Education Guides

Stow, United States ( - November 29, 2012)

Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. is proud to offer a series of complimentary instrument education guides for hospital and staff training. The series of guides include: How to Test and Inspect Laparoscopic Instruments, Scissors, Needle Holders, Kerrison Rongeurs, Hemostats & Forceps, Suction Devices, Retractors, and Ophthamalic Instruments.

The surgical instruments guides (8 in the series) offer tips and information on how to properly identify, test, and inspect the most commonly used surgical instruments. Each guides provides key inspection points and test standards for better instrument processing, quality assurance, improved clinical confidence and reduced surgeon complaints.

The surgical instrument guides are available at:

For more surgical instrument information, please contact a Spectrum customer service representative at 800-444-5644.

About Spectrum Surgical Instruments

Spectrum Surgical Instruments has been providing a full line of surgical instruments for Human and Animal health since 1983. Spectrum is a leading provider of surgical instrument repair, sharpening and restoration. Spectrum Surgical provides surgical equipment to surgery centers and veterinary centers across the United States.

We have taken a leading role in the industry by providing free educational services about surgical instrument care. The goal is to educate those who come in contact with surgical instruments to ensure that all are aware of the impact they have on patient safety. Our commitment to quality has led us to increase our quality systems and improvement initiatives. We work directly with customers and industry leaders to offer technology, preventative maintenance, and quality products designed to improve patient safety.

Media Contact:

Derek Lashua
Spectrum Surgical
Stow, OH

Phone: 330-686-4550
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